Tired of keeping live crickets to feed your animals? Noisy? Smelly? Escaped crickets? Choose SuperGrubs Freeze-Dried Crickets! Freeze-dried crickets retain up to 97% nutrients from live crickets and they are ZERO MAINTENANCE! No more noisy, smelly and escaped crickets! JUST ADD WATER to rehydrate and soften freeze-dried crickets back to the similar texture of live crickets! SuperGrubs Freeze-Dried Crickets contain 64% protein which are packed with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals! Crickets also contain good Omega 3 fatty acids and many essential nutrients which are lacking in most plant proteins, especially Vitamin B12! Best of all, crickets and grasshoppers are one of the top contenders of antioxidant capacity making them a superfood for your animals!


Suitable For:

Songbirds, Chickens, Fishes, Reptiles, Amphibians, Hamsters & many more!


Advantages of Freeze-Dried Crickets

- Natural superfood for many animals!

- Contains 64% protein!

- Packed with essential amino acids!

- Nutrients carefully preserved up to 97%!

- Colour, flavour, aroma & texture retained!

- Just add water to soften crickets!

- No artificial preservatives!

- Long shelf life!

- Value for money!

- Zero maintenance!



100% Freeze-Dried Crickets (Gryllus Chinensis).


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.)  64%

Crude Fat        (min.)  20%

Crude Fiber    (max.)    11%

Moisture          (max.)    5%


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Freeze-Dried Crickets 400g (Twinpack)

SKU: FD01330
  • Freeze-drying is also known as lyophilization, a low temperature process used to dry our insects which retains up to 97% nutrients! Freeze-drying also retains the insect's shape, colour, aroma, flavour and texture! Because freeze-drying removes up to 98% moisture, these insects can last for a long time with no artificial preservatives! Freeze-dried insects have the excellent capability to absorb water and rehydrate quickly back to the similar texture of live insects!