High protein? Omega 3 & 6? Zero maintenance? Choose SuperGrubs Dried Locusts! Our dried locusts contain 56% protein which are packed with essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and minerals! Best of all, locusts and crickets are one of the top contenders of antioxidant capacity making them a superfood for your animals! Locusts contain one of the antioxidants called astaxanthin similar to shrimps which is why they turn red after processing! For animals which are pickier and texture of the insects is a concern, choose SuperGrubs Freeze-Dried Grasshoppers which are capable of rehydrating back to the similar texture of live grasshoppers!


Suitable For:

Songbirds, Chickens, Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Turtles & many more!


Advantages of Dried Locusts

- Natural superfood for many animals!

- Contains 56% protein!

- Packed with essential fatty acids!

- No artificial preservatives!

- Long shelf life!

- Value for money!

- Zero maintenance!



100% Dried Locusts (Locusta Migratoria).


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.)  56%

Crude Fat        (min.)  26%

Crude Fiber    (max.)     7%

Moisture          (max.)    6%


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  • Feed as required depending on size and species. Cut into smaller pieces for smaller animals before feeding! For picky birds, coarse grind insects and mix it with their pellet food to increase their protein intake!


    The above feeding directions serve only as a guideline! Every individual animal's dietary requirement is different! Feed a variety of food to your animals to diversify their diet and provide a complete nutrition! Consult your pet professionals for recommendations to provide a complete and balanced diet for your animals!