SuperGrubs Canned Bamboo Worms are ‘Cooked in The Can’ to maintain their nutritional quality with no preservatives! During the cooking process, the insects are sterilized and their softened exoskeletons provide better digestion for your animals consuming it! Our Canned Bamboo Worms are fabulous for a boost of energy as well as high in iron! These are high energy grubs which should be given to your animals occasionally to avoid obesity!


Suitable For:
Songbirds, Fishes, Reptiles, Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders & many more!



Advantages of Canned Bamboo Worms
- Nutrients locked in and aroma maintained!

- Cooked in the can and sterilized!

- Softened exoskeleton for better digestion!

- No artificial preservatives!

- Long shelf life!

- Value for money!

- Zero maintenance!


100% Bamboo Worms (Omphisa Fuscidentalis).

Canned Bamboo Worms 35g

SKU: CN01149
  • Feed as required depending on size and species. Cut into smaller pieces for smaller animals before feeding! Remove uneaten leftovers to avoid microbial growth. Do not reuse uneaten canned insects!


    The above feeding directions serve only as a guideline! Every individual animal's dietary requirement is different! Feed a variety of food to your animals to diversify their diet and provide a complete nutrition! Consult your pet professionals for recommendations to provide a complete and balanced diet for your animals!