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Welcome to SuperGrubs!

Our Story

We are a group of animal lovers just like you! Our main aim in SuperGrubs is to introduce and provide your pets with a wider variety of high-quality insects to diversify their diet!

We know that to some pet owners, insects are viewed as a pest commonly accompanied by the 'yuck' factor.

The fact is most edible insects are high in protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals! Such as these crickets!


Our Dedication

We are dedicated to the wellbeing of animals and also to help the world reduce the impact of global warming! We start by encouraging pet owners around us to introduce insects to their meat-eating pets gradually to reduce their meat consumption. Every little step counts!

We go around the world to source for insects from insect farmers and producers with high hygiene standards only! We are serious about what we do to get the highest quality insects from farm to market! If there is ever a problem with the quality of our products, please feel free to contact us!


Insects are an excellent alternative source of protein for our loving pet companions, we hope more people will support the idea of using insects to create more types of animal feed for different meat-eating animals because insects are far more ecologically friendly compared to other livestock farming! Insects use lesser resources to produce the same or more amount of protein! They also emit far lesser greenhouse gases compared to chickens, pigs or cows! 


Pets consume about 20% of meat globally! And that is a huge 63 million tons of meat! If more and more people start to feed insects to their pets instead of meat, this will definitely reduce the impact of global warming!

For every insect fed to your pets, post it on Instagram and #supportgrubs! SHARE THE LOVE! (:

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